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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy in Etobicoke
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What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave Therapy involves the application of high-energy acoustic pulses that are transmitted directly into the tissue of the affected area on the body. It can be used on soft tissue that is injured, inflamed, scarred or contains adhesions. The many benefits of shockwave therapy include; increased circulation, decreased muscle spasms, stimulation of the body’s natural healing response and the breakdown of scar tissue and adhesions.

How does Shockwave Therapy work?

1. Decreases Pain – Shockwave pulses directly stimulate the nerve fibres that transmit pain signals to our brain.  

2. Increases Blood Flow – Shockwave Therapy can increase blood supply to the injured tissues and surrounding structures, which improves healing and tissue regeneration. Adequate blood supply is integral to the healing process.

3. Decreases Muscle Tone – Shockwave Therapy can reduce muscle tone and spasms, and has been very successful at eliminating painful trigger points.

4. Cellular Level Change – Shockwave Therapy causes changes to the body on a cellular level, resulting in the release of chemicals that help to decrease inflammation and pain.

What conditions can Shockwave Therapy treat?

  • Neck and back pain
  • Muscle spasms and trigger point pain
  • Shoulder pain (Rotator Cuff Tendonitis)
  • Elbow pain (Tennis and Golfer’s elbow)
  • Hand and wrist pain
  • Hip bursitis
  • Iliotibial band syndrome
  • Knee pain (Patellar tendonitis/Jumper’s Knee)
  • Hamstring strains
  • Ankle sprains
  • Achilles tendon pain
  • Plantar fasciitis (heel/arch pain)
  • Heel spur


What to expect with your Shockwave Therapy treatment?

Your initial appointment will include a detailed assessment to ensure Shockwave Therapy is both safe and appropriate for your specific injury or condition. The actual application of Shockwave Therapy lasts approximately 5-10 minutes and most patients tolerate the treatment very well. Although some patients experience mild discomfort during the treatment, improvements may be seen after just one session. The majority of patients appreciate the faster rate of recovery when combining traditional physiotherapy with Shockwave Treatment. In addition to Shockwave Therapy, your physiotherapist may also use manual therapy, joint mobilizations, exercise prescription and alternate modalities to help you achieve a full recovery.


What does the research say about Shockwave Therapy?  

Recent studies have proven the effectiveness of Shockwave Therapy in the treatment of various musculoskeletal conditions. As a result, Shockwave Therapy is becoming one of the most sought after treatment options within the rehabilitation setting. 

Is Shockwave Therapy covered by insurance?

At Physio First, our Shockwave Therapy treatments are administered by Registered Physiotherapists. If you have extended health benefits that include physiotherapy, your treatment (or a portion of it) may be covered. Physio First is able to bill most extended health insurance companies directly. Please call us for further details.

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