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Your First Visit

What to expect?

  • Please arrive for your appointment 15 minutes early to fill out the registration forms. 
  • Alternatively you can complete the paperwork prior to your visit by clicking here.
  • You will be welcomed by our friendly and helpful office staff.
  • You will be seen for the initial appointment by your therapist.
  • During the initial appointment your therapist will discuss the following with you:
    1. Your medical and injury history
    2. Your chief complaint, current problems and concerns
    3. Details about your pain and what aggravates and eases your problem.
    4. How this is impacting your day-to-day activity and what your functional limitations are.
    5. Medication use, diagnostic tests and other related medical procedures that have been completed related to your health.
    6. Your goals of treatment.
  • Secondly, your therapist will perform an objective evaluation which may include some of the following assessments:
    1. Posture Analysis
    2. Functional movements
    3. Range of Motion (ROM)
    4. Muscle Testing
    5. Neurological Examination of sensation, reflexes and muscle power
    6. Palpation
    7. Articular assessment
    8. Joint stability testing
    9. Dynamic stability testing
    10. Neurodynamic testing
    11. Special Tests – used to confirm/rule out a diagnosis, make a differential diagnosis or identify the presence of additional problems.

During your first visit the therapist will review findings throughout the assessment with you and upon completion, then summarize and formulate a list of problems you are having.

A treatment plan is then developed by you and your therapist to identify and treat these areas of concern. This includes:

  • how often you should see your therapist for treatment
  • approximately how many weeks you will need treatment for
  • which exercises you should carry out at home
  • educating you regarding your injury, which activities you should avoid, if you should apply heat or ice or both
  • short-term/long-term goals
  • what is expected after you are discharged from treatment.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • On your first visit bring your referral from your doctor (if you have been given one).  If you have questions about your insurance coverage bring your insurance contact information, policy and ID number and our friendly office staff will be happy to help you find out your insurance details.
  • Please bring or wear comfortable clothing (eg. exercise or yoga attire) that you can move freely in.
  • If you have been in a car accident our services are covered by various auto insurance companies. Please bring your insurance company’s name, claim number, policy number, adjuster's name and telephone number.
  • If you require treatment from a work-related injury please bring your WSIB claim number and adjuster’s name and telephone number.  We can call WSIB on your behalf to determine the status of your claim number and to confirm that treatment at our facility has been approved.
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