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Q: Do I need a referral from my doctor to receive treatment?

You do not require a referral from your doctor in order to receive treatment. However, in order to be reimbursed for payment of services rendered your insurance company may require that you submit a referral from your doctor. Call your insurance provider to confirm exact details of your plan as they vary greatly.

Q: How should I dress?

You should bring or wear a pair of comfortable shorts or yoga or jogging pants and a t-shirt. For example, if you have an ankle or knee problem it is best to wear shorts. For neck or back pain wear a loose fitting shirt and pants so we can perform a thorough and accurate examination.

Q:Who will see me?

You will be evaluated by one of our registered and qualified practitioners and he/she will also treat you during following visits. 

Your therapist may identify that your injury/condition may benefit from another type of service at our facility (ie Massage Therapy). As a result you may be referred to another practitioner to receive that part of your treatment.

In order to maintain continuity of care we always try our best to book your follow up appointments with the same therapist.  Occasionally you may have to see another practitioner in the absence of your regular treating practitioner (vacation, attending a course etc). The practitioners will, with your consent, work closely together to ensure that all your treatment needs are met at every visit.

Q: How long will each appointment last?

Your initial consultation visit is one to one with your therapist and will last 60 minutes.  Additional treatment appointments will consist of one to one treatment sessions with your therapist lasting 30 minutes.  In addition, supervised exercises with our Physiotherapist Assistant in our gym is also included in your visit.

Q: How many visits will I need?

Everyone is different and their treatment plans will vary. You may need only a few visits or you may need weeks or months of care. It depends on your injury, the severity of your symptoms, your past medical history, etc. At the completion of your first visit your therapist will be able to better determine the number and frequency of visits needed.  At follow up treatment appointments you will be re-evaluated frequently by your therapist to closely monitor your progress and adjust your treatment plan as required.

Patient Info

Parking, Directions & Public Transit Access

Q: Do you have parking?

Bloor Location

We provide free underground parking for our clients.  Here is some helpful information regarding directions and access:

  • Coming from North, East or West of Physio First on Islington Ave. or Bloor St.:
    • Drive south on Islington Ave. and turn west immediately south of Bloor St. into the laneway at the back of the building
    • Proceed to the underground parking ramp
    • The intercom system and directory is located at the top of the ramp.  Buzz 1153 to gain access to the underground parking
    • Park anywhere on the first level, which is designated for visitor parking
    • Follow the Physio First signs to make your way up and outside to street level
    • Walk to our store front entrance on Bloor St.
    • If you require elevator access, please phone Physio First prior to your scheduled appointment and appropriate arrangements will be made for you
  • Coming from South of Physio First on Islington Ave., you will need to circle the building in order to access the free underground parking.  Physio First recommends the following:
    • Drive north on Islington Ave. and turn west on Meadowvale Dr., which is 3 streets north of the traffic lights at Bering Ave.
    • Turn north on Clissold Rd. to reach Bloor St.
    • Turn east on Bloor St. to arrive at the intersection of Bloor St. and Islington Ave. and follow the above directions.

Lakeshore Location

We provide free underground parking for our clients on a first come first serve basis.Here is some helpful information regarding access to the parking.

  • Underground parking entry is directly off of Lakeshore Blvd
  • You will need to buzz the concierge / security using the intercom
  • Please tell them you have an appointment at Physio First Lakeshore
  • After entry follow the blue ‘2230 Lakeshore visitor parking signs’ to P1
  • You can park in any of the visitor spots located on P1
  • Follow the exit signs that lead you to the elevator
  • You will need to buzz the concierge / security a second time by using code ‘3000.’ Alternatively, you can buzz directly to our office by using code '8410' so we can let you in.
  • Take the elevator to the ground floor, head towards the main lobby, exit the front doors, turn right and we are in the second office on the street level

Q: Are you accessible to public transit?

Bloor Location

We are accessible to both the TTC and Mississauga public transit.  Physio First is conveniently located on the southwest corner of Bloor & Islington directly across the street from Islington station on the Bloor-Danforth line. 

    • Additional connections to:
      • TTC bus routes 37, 50 and 110
      • Mississauga transit

Lakeshore Location

    • We are accessible via the 501 & 301 TTC streetcar. Physio First Lakeshore is located between 2 stops and is a short walk to the clinic.

Q: How does the billing and payment process work?

Most extended health insurance plans cover the cost of the services at Physio First.  Payment is required at the end of each session. You will be provided with a receipt with all the appropriate information regarding your appointment and practitioner that your insurance company may require. If you have extended health insurance that covers your treatment you can send your receipt to your insurance company along with a claim form for reimbursement.

Recently, Great West Life and Sunlife insurance companies have approved registered Physiotherapy clinics such as Physio First to perform direct online billing on behalf of patients.  We can assist you to inquire and see if your insurance plan approves direct online billing for you. 

If you are being treated for injuries sustained in a car accident or a work-related injury and your claim has been approved we do not require payment directly from you. After your initial assessment we will submit the appropriate proposed treatment plan to your insurance company and upon approval of the plan we can bill your insurance company or WSIB directly.

Additional information you should ask your insurance company

The extent of coverage varies greatly from one plan to another. It is best to call your insurance company to confirm the exact details of your coverage. Our friendly office staff would be pleased to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.  Examples of questions you may ask include;

  • Is my insurance plan covered on a calendar year basis?
  • How much coverage do I have per year? (eg. $500/year)
  • How much coverage do I have per visit? (eg. $80/visit)
  • How much percentage does my insurance cover? (eg. $500/year at 80% or 100%)
  • Does my insurance cover Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy etc. separately?  (eg. $500 for Physio, $500 for Massage Therapy).  Some insurance plans have a separate allocated amount per practitioner.  Other plans cover services as a combined maximum (eg. $500 for Physio and Massage Therapy combined).



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